Dry Brush Exfoliation and Detoxification Treatment:  

180.00 -  90 min treatment

Dry brushing exfoliates the skin, stimulates the lymphatic system,  assists in softening hard fat deposits and reduce cellulite by  removing toxins that may break down connective tissue.  After the dry brushing, a specially designed detoxification oil (flaxseed oil, ginger, mandarin and fennel: essential oils which strengthen the kidney and liver regulate fluid imbalance, release excess fluid retention etc) is massaged into the skin utilizing swedish and manual lymphatic massage technqiues.  This is followed by a geranium and grapefruit lotion to reduce cellulite, hydrate and tone the skin.  It is not only the body that needs a release of toxic substances but one's mind as well.  The session closes with deep breathe inhalation of my personal mind detox blend- (ylang ylang, lavender and blue tansy) with craniosacral therapy and reiki.