For many years, I continued to train looking for ways to decrease my clients pain and then I found essential oils.  Essential oils have profound healing capability over a very broad spectrum of health care applications.   In massage the essential oils is absorbed through the skin and into the body to effect physiological change.  When inhaled, the aroma directly affects the limbic area of the brain and is related to emotions and memories.  Dating back to ancient Egypt, India and the Far East, this simple therapy has been used for centuries.   Make your session into an Aromatherapy session for only $15.00.  extra.

Trained in the Therapeutic Uses of Essential Oils, those clients wishing to learn more about what specific oils are best applied within their own life can book a 45 minute Essential Oil Intake.  We will go over your own health concerns  and which oils might best be applied and incorporated in your lifestyle.  A 1oz essential unique blend mixed into lotion, oil or aloe vera will be made for you to take home and begin your essential oil journey.