Manual Lymphatic Drainage although a hands on technique is not classified as massage therapy.  Unlike massage therapy, MLD is a manual pumping of the lymph nodes and lymph vessels directly below the epidermis of the skin, stimulating lymph production.  Lymph and the lymphatic system, although not studied as extensively plays an enormously vital function in detoxification of the body and removal of dangerous chemicals and viruses into the lymph nodes to be cleansed, returned to the circulatory system to eventually fully move out of the body.  MLD is common practice and used extensively in Europe  and is beginning to gain real traction in the United States as a means to help manage and prevent long term lymphedema and fibrosis post and pre surgery, draining of lactic acid build up post sports event and as a comprehensive detoxification therapy for the entire body.  Because of what MLD is targeting to access- this therapy involves a light touch and produces a deeply relaxing effect on the entire body.  Be prepared to fall asleep.